Music Ministry

About Us

That’s what we need today, it’s what we have this morning: singers, instruments, playing music, rejoicing. Then put the Word first, read the Word. Then the battle sets in. We’re bound to win, just got to win. Stay right with It, keep Its direction, and It’ll keep you in the hour of trouble.

William Marrion Branham 60-0911M – As I Was With Moses, So I Will Be With Thee

Music is a means to bring down the Spirit of God in the Church. When worship is rightly done, the hearts of the people are already primed when the Word does come. Therefore, this is not a separate function from the preaching of the Word, but a complementary one. Indeed, He dwells in the midst of the praises of His people (Psalms 22:3).

The Music Ministry is one of the functions under the office of the Pastor. The Ministry is currently led by Bro Jackson Kiraka. We have four Song-Leaders who conduct the various Services on a rotational basis. Currently the Song-Leaders are Bro’s Kiraka, Josiah Muoka and Miring’u Kamwati. Ian McCoshen Jersey