Around the mid 1970’s and at the peak of the Pentecostal movement in Kenya, the Message of the Hour by William Marrion Branham found its way into our country. It landed in the hands of mainly young men and women who were ‘struck by the mantle’ as in the days of Elijah and like Elisha of old, they were willing to sacrifice everything to follow Elijah and his Message. And once that fire was lit, nothing else seemed to matter to them other than to get others to see the new Revelation by the man sent from God, William Branham and his Message-the forerunner of Christ’s second coming as was commissioned by an angel which appeared to him while he baptized believers in River Ohio (USA) in 1933.
This new Light spread, one person to the next like a wild fire, mainly through the medium of the Message Books. The first major convention around this Faith was held at Kapsabet Boys High School in 1975. From there on, the Seed had been planted and there would be a second real major Believers’ convention in Machakos in 1976. Around this year, the young believers in Nairobi, many of whom had arrived either to join college or to start their careers, started regular meetings in many hired places. Taifa hall at the University of Nairobi, stands out as one of these. Others included St. Aquinas High School, Eastleigh High School, Kaloleni Social Hall and later the home of one of the believers, Bro Jack Munguti’s in Jericho, a Nairobi suburb.
This went on for years until the decision was made to buy a plot to build a ‘permanent home’ for the believers in Mbotela. So after years of sojourning from ‘’tent to tent,’’ the believers had finally found their own home –a place of worship. The construction of the sanctuary in Mbotela was in every way a labour of love and sacrifice with many of the believers being just young families with meagre incomes. But from their sacrifices came Seeds of Life that have grown into the congregation now numbering a few thousands, and leading to the establishment of sister outpost fellowships now spread around Nairobi city and its environs.

Over time the church in mbotela has grew tremendously to the point that it was bursting. Believers travelled from diferent places around the city to Mbotela and it was no longer possible to accommodate everyone. Therefore different sister churches were started to accommodate persons from the various regions within the city. They include


Kikuyu ETMA assemblies

Kayole ETMA assemblies

Thika Road assemblies

Kiserian ETMA

Kitengela ETMA assemblies