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We then typed set maxvar which is the minimum and the revised memory needs were displayed. We could pump up the memory usage dramatically to encompass large data sets without having to resort to the disk cache. If you do want to slow Stata down, have it make some graphs. The program is absurdly fast with regular statistics, pumping out thousands of lines of description instantly, or generating dozens of frequency counts faster than the eye can track the output coming out. Using Stata for the eMac Stata has an incredible range of statistics, and users can and do write programs to add more features; these are fairly easy to add on, as well.

There are programs for odd little statistical procedures, for handling different input, for changing output, for playing with variables, and all sorts of other things. We tried out some user-contributed statistical modules; the ease of adding these modules is surprising, and they can integrate help files and menu items into Stata's normal systems.

Stata tech support people will also try to help with third-party modules, an unusual practice. Indeed, we found some user modules through Stata tech support It may well be out there, eluding our grasp. Then you can alter the command as needed in syntax. A bit clumsy, perhaps. On the lighter side, the syntax seems shorter and less finicky than in SPSS, and the error messages are generally more useful. Documentation comes up much faster than it does in SPSS but can be more terse, with more of a technical feel. Keyboard commands are implemented well, so you can bring up the spreadsheet view, command line, and other important windows easily with command-keys.

If you want a log, you have to set one up each time you run Stata it would probably be better for Stata to make the Review window persistent. This is a little clumsy in practice but far easier than trying to use logs, or trying to use the single-line Do window. The variables window is open by default, and now you can select multiple variables at once. Using some forethought in variable names and layout can make Stata quicker and more powerful.

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The variable window lets users make modifications more easily, and even to search for information in the variable labels — a major benefit at times. It is possible to select and change groups of variables, which helps in adding value labels. Variables can be longer than eight characters, but cannot include spaces or hyphens which one would expect since variables are separated by spaces, and ranges defined by hyphens, in the syntax. Another advantage over PASW is the fact that the program puts the syntax for operations in Variable Properties into the record, so you can learn those commands more easily.

A minor downside is that variable names appear to be case sensitive. Unlike SPSS, Stata is smart enough to know that when you start typing in the output window, you really want to be typing in the syntax window It would be handy if Stata had a "most recent commands" keystroke as UNIX does so you could call up the last command and modify it as needed, more easily.

Stata has inherent advantages speed, low memory usage and disadvantages mainly character-based tables. Help is very fast. Type in help, and a new help viewer comes up instantly, even on an old G4. There are separate manuals for time series, longitudinal or panel data, survival analysis, survey data, and multivariate analysis; full manuals are devoted to data management, programming, and graphics.

If that seems intimidating, it is no more so than SPSS, which has a few big books for the main program plus manuals for each module. Stata even provides online courses in the software. Alan Riley in tech support advised us that there are also help shortcuts, which appear to be unique among stats programs:. The help file for each command has a link or links to the dialog or multiple dialogs, such as with -ttest- for that command in the upper right corner of the help file.

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So, all a user has to do to find the dialog s for -ttest- is to look at the help file for -ttest- and click on the links to the dialogs at the upper right. We introduced a very short and simple command named db. If a user wants to quickly pop up the dialog for a given command rather than finding it in the menus, all they need to do is type for example db regress or db ttest.

This pops up the appropriate dialog. For commands like ttest which have multiple dialogs, the user is taken to an intermediate page which shows them a listing of all available dialogs for that command. Stata has a dedicated tech support users group, and the corporate tech support staff is quick and helpful.

To quote Alan Riley:. Cross-platform compatibility is extremely important to us, and we work very hard to release new versions of Stata on all platforms including Mac simultaneously as well as to make sure that all datasets, graphs, do-files, ado-files and other file types are completely compatible no matter what operating system a user may have. The only other potential incompatibility between Stata on different operating systems should be when a user refers to something like a file path that is platform specific.

There are still shortfalls, including overly tabbed dialogue boxes with elements that err on the small side and somewhat hard to follow labels.

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Tables are designed for research, not pasting into other software. You can easily copy and paste output, but the default is to copy space-separated tables that must be put into a monospaced font. You can now use the "copy as table" command hold down shift while using command-C to do it from the keyboard , but there are glitches with that, the main one being breaking up variable names see the illustration , which occurs whether you paste into a word processor or a spreadsheet. It does , however, make it possible to copy large tables into spreadsheets very easily.

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Is there a bit version of Stata that allows more memory to be allocated? Is Stata compatible with macOS Mojave? Please make sure you are running the latest update of Stata What is the minimum operating system requirement for Stata? Stata for Mac requires macOS Can I trade datasets with my friends who use Stata for Windows?

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A Stata dataset created on a Mac can be used, without translation, on any computer running Stata and vice versa. The same goes for graphs, programs, and any other file Stata uses or produces. Can my copy of Stata run on both my Mac desktop and Windows laptop? Stata licenses are not platform specific so you can use your license to install Stata on any of the supported platforms. Stata New in Stata Why Stata? Order Stata. Company Contact us Customer service Announcements Search.