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Thanks so much! I got it working. Very cool. And the potential with iChatAV and oovoo is even greater.

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Loving it! Thanks so much. George Donnelly, Skype 5 both Mac and Windows now supports up to 10 people on video conference although they recommend no more than 4 for best quality. Wirecast records the picture and the audio of the classrooms from Skype, but not our local audio. Skype records only skype.

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Any recommendations on how to record both Wirecast and Skype? This has got to be the most remedial question, but… I cannot for the life of me find SoundFower or SoundFlowerBed to perform this step:.

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We recorded none of our audio. Wirecast records everything you have live. You can have each audio source on a separate layer to have two audio sources. There is no option for it in Audio input.

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Skype just released Mac version 5. Please follow up in the appropriate Wirecast forum so other users can also participate in working through the Skype issues.

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Any way to make the video on the skype call smoother? I find that the capture process drops the frame rate and occasionally freezes the video. I would really like a way to make the skype video stream as smooth inside Wirecast, as it does in the live Skype call. Any suggestions?

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I will use wire cast with sype, to give music lessons with two cameras… Do I still need your additional softwares recommendations to show my students two cameras, and still have the option to see them too?.. Es posible que lo que este saliendo por Wirecast , como por ejemplo el chroma key, se pueda enviar por skype a otros? Would it is possible that what out for Wirecast, as for example the chroma key, can send Skype to others? This is a good tutorial, but I am having troubles getting a decent framerate.

I am trying to do something much simpler than you are: I just want to record a high-quality, high-resolution Skype video interview to cut into an edited program in Post. My subject is across country. My tests have been with my wife, in the office upstairs. Right now I am getting only 1.

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News Ticker. Home Product 2-Way Interview with Skype and Wirecast Many Wirecast streamers would love to take live video call ins or one on one guest interviews. Start Skype. In Preferences: Video set a camera or virtual camera as your source. You can not use the same camera in Skype and Wirecast so the Skype video source is just a null camera to allow the video call.

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This can feed both Skype and Wirecast. You will monitor the Skype call directly as monitoring through Wirecast will result in a delay when hearing your own voice. Open Wirecast and turn off Headphone icon to avoid delay in headphone monitoring Open Skype. You can have someone call in so you can set your shots in Wirecast.

In Wirecast set for 2 shot, guest shot, host shot. In each shot set audio to SoundFlower 2 Ch. This will kill the camera audio. You only want your mic and SoundFlower as sources. This mic will stay on through each shot so your viewers can hear you talk to guest if you like even when they are full screen.

Desktop Presenter skype Wirecast.

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Previous The Art of Webcasting. Cuidado con los adjuntos sospechosos. Algunos de estos videos se pueden ver brevemente en Youtube. Es asombroso la cantidad de gente que desactiva ese aviso por iniciativa propia y hay muchos ordenadores que, simplemente no la tienen y los hackers manejan listas de todos ellos. Muchas empresas han empezado a lanzar maneras sofisticadas de cubrir el tercer ojo pero basta con un post-it o un pedacito de cinta aislante.

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